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Fred on Forbes

Warburg Realty CEO Frederick Peters is the first and only industry expert in the country selected by Forbes to contribute to its internationally-read real estate column, alongside leading journalists. His blog, Fred's View of Real Estate, has been a labor of love for the last decade, and Warburg is thrilled to utilize this platform to extend his influence and reach.


Warburg Realty’s Q2 Market Report

The arrival of July 1 marks the end of one of the most remarkable quarters in New York real estate history. Every week since February has seen more than 30 contracts signed at $4 million and over, the most extraordinary run since before the 2008 recession. And it’s not just, or even primarily, these larger units which are enjoying such popularity. There are multiple offers made on almost every well-priced home from $500,000 to $5 million in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Days on market, historically averaging around 90 to 100, now stands closer to 60. Many newly listed properties don’t even last a week. All these statistics paint the picture of a local market starving for supply and vibrating with demand.


Upper East Side Stroller Friendly Restaurants

As an Upper East Side parent of two young children, I know that eating out can sometimes be a challenge. There are the picky eaters, the restless eaters (who can’t sit still when the food is taking a little too long) and the messy eaters - without a doubt, there is always a pile of food on the ground when the meal is complete! That is why I created a guide of casual and kid friendly spots that won’t treat you like a pariah when your kids are well, being kids. (Plus, the food is pretty good too).

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At Blacker & Reed, we bring innovative marketing ideas, experienced negotiation skills, and bespoke client service. We go to any lengths to find the perfect fit for our clients. If you're buying or selling a luxury home in Midtown, the Upper East Side, or Downtown Manhattan, we'd be honored to work together.

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